text 11 Aug Theme update

I’ve updated a couple of things today. Please download the new version or view the source. You can follow the same directions as the post below.

The tweaks are as follows:

  • Slightly smaller header font-size to make room for less pithy tumblelog titles, as I’ve seen being used.
  • The theme now supports links in tumblelog descriptions; they’re no longer ugly and unstyled. Thanks to Aaron Jamison for pointing this out.

As always, feel free to contact me with bugs, issues, and/or comments. If neither of the above updates matter to your Munich usage, then go ahead and pass up this release. Enjoy.

text 3 Aug Munich Theme for Tumblr

This is the Munich theme for Tumblr. You can view the source here. To install the theme:

  1. Download the file.
  2. Copy its contents.
  3. Go to your dashboard, then Customize > Theme > “Custom Theme.”
  4. Paste into the text box and save.

Munich has been tested for consistency in IE7, Safari, Firefox, and Opera; all modern browsers, however, should render it properly.

Questions? Comments? Email me. Feel free to use/modify this theme as you wish, but just keep the credit attribution intact.

link 3 Aug I hear he has great hair»

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  1. Here’s a point.
  2. There’s a point.
  3. Everywhere’s a point.

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And that’s that.

photo 3 Aug

I wonder what the story is behind this picture. Via ffffound.

photo 3 Aug

Pictured above is the only image that this theme uses. It’s an asterisk in Cochin, but I wouldn’t implement that textually in the CSS since PC users would be left out in the cold. You should probably save it and host it yourself if you can.

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